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The music

A.C. Bergmann invites the listener into a generous musical universe, where the gentle, slightly melancholic meets the direct, honest and confrontational, and where the thoughtful meets the joyous.

A.C. Bergmann plays with genres – country, folk, blues, indie-pop, and embraces a wide musical range. Strong personal stories and reflections bind the music together in a warm, sensual, musical universe.  Through her catchy melodies, poetic lyrics and a strong and soulful vocal that hits you in the heart, A.C. Bergmann tackles the stumbling blocks, gold dust, joys, changes and loss, which are inevitable parts of life as a adult  in  a modern world .


A.C. Bergmann's first single "Horizon" was released in August 2019. In April 2021 the song "My Affection" followed, as the first single off the EP, "This is not the story".

"This is not the story" was released in August 2021.  All songs have been released on most streaming services and under the menu "Lyrics" you can see some of the lyrics.

Below you can also listen to the raw demos "Here's to a year"   from 2018 and the carol "Good King Wenceslas" from 2005

A.C. Bergmann is supported by her talented music collective, which can be booked both as an acoustic trio with vocals, bass and guitar and with a full semi-acoustic band with keys and drums, depending on your preferences.

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